Footpaths in Ashingdon Parish

In addition to the Public Rights of Way listed below, we are are part of the England Coastal Path.  Click on the links below to view the maps:

Coast Path for Essex

Coast Path from Wallsaea to Burnham

The Crouch Coast


There are many public footpaths in Ashingdon Parish, in and around the villages of Ashingdon and South Fambridge. They are mostly rural, all very calm, tranquil, pleasant routes with beautiful sites and views and they vary in nature from riverside, open fields, meadow-side, green lanes, leafy “tunnels” and woods, and they run through every type of terrain including flat, undulating and hilly landscapes.

Those off-road routes include public footpaths, a few public bridleways and byways.

Footpath Way Marker Footpaths – are marked with a yellow arrow and are for walkers. (Normally this disc has a white background)

Bridleway Way Marker Bridleways – are marked with a blue arrow and are for walkers, horse-riders and cyclists.

Byway Way Marker Byways – are marked with a red arrow and are for walkers, horse-riders, cyclists, horse-drawn and motorised vehicles.

A footpath, a bridleway or a byway is a Public Right of Way.

Many of Ashingdon’s footpath and bridleway routes lead into neighbouring parishes.


Ashingdon  Footpaths  Map
Ashingdon Parish Council hopes to produce and issue a printed full colour fold-out map in the near future to list, show and describe all of the Public Rights of Way in The Parish.



The “Roach Valley Way” is a 37 km (23 miles) long circular country walk, 3.5 km (2.25 miles) of which passes through the Parish of Ashingdon. This beautiful rural route can be started in Hockley Woods and Great Bull Wood. It then runs into Ashingdon Parish in White Hart Lane just after the railway bridge, then along FP7, FP4, The Chase, Ashingdon Road, Church Road, FP5, FP19, then along Canewdon Road beyond our boundary at Hyde Wood Lane into Canewdon where it turns north to Upper Raypits and the River Crouch, along the sea wall, through the Lower Raypits Nature Reserve to Lion Wharf, south to Paglesham Churchend, southwest to Stannets Creek, then past Barton Hall, along the River Roach sea wall, past Stambridge Mills, through Rochford Town, along Hall Road, through the Ashingdon Youth Football Club grounds, through the Cherry Orchard Jubilee Country Park, past The Lawn, The Scrubs, Gusted Hall and back through Hockley Woods.  An Essex County Council booklet called “The Roach Valley Way” with descriptions, photos and information about the entire route can be bought from the Essex County Council Community Action Team. Tel. 0845 603 7631. Publication Reference ISBN 1852811498.  Click here to view the map of the Roach Vally Way.


Footpath 20 Through Boundary Wood, Ashingdon


Footpath  1  (FP 1)   “Beckney Wood”   From Cheltenham Road, via Orchard Close, over Tonbridge Road, past Russet Way to Branksome Avenue. It starts as a semi-urban path, then it climbs a steep hill and joins bridleway 26 into the beautiful Beckney Wood, where it follows the southwest and west perimeter to Wood Avenue. This path is in one the highest places in The Parish and through the Malvern Road Park there are beautiful views of Canewdon and the wooded hill opposite. Length 700 metres (760 yards).


Footpath  4  (FP 4)   “Rouncefall”   This path runs from Ashingdon Road, along The Chase, along its south fork, through the mediaeval  Rouncefall Farm, then over one of the highest points in The Parish, where one can see stunningly beautiful views of woods nearby and in the distance along with farmland, between Hockley Woods, Belchamps, Mount Bovers and Gusted Hall Woods about 2.25 to 3.25 kilometres (1.5 to 2.5 miles) away. Then, the path turns south, it goes downhill and meets Bridleway 43. Length 1.20 kilometres (0.75 mile) including The Chase.

Footpath  5  (FP 5)   “The Minster”   This path runs along Church Road up to Saint Andrew’s Church, also known as Ashingdon Minster, at the top of one of the hills in Ashingdon. The path runs past our single war-grave, through the churchyard, from where, beautiful views of Canewdon and The River Crouch Valley can be seen, then it passes through a wood and gives more beautiful views, then it runs down a steep hill through the middle of a cornfield to Moon’s Farm in Canewdon Road. Length 700 metres (760 yards) including Church Road.

Footpath  8  (FP 8)   “Trinity Wood”   This path starts at the end of the north fork of The Chase, which used to be called Red Lane. The path turns right where it enters the wooded area and runs around the edge of land and fields from where there are beautiful views of the River Crouch Valley. The path then passes Trinity Wood which is full of bluebells and intense fragrance in Spring, then it runs down Trinity Wood Road to Greensward Lane. Length 630 metres (680 yards) including Trinity Wood Road.

Footpath  10  (FP 10)   “Rochelles”   This path starts in Lower Road near Lowlands Farm, it goes past Rochelles Farm, with rare cattle breeds and horses in meadows, it passes through open fields with views of Plumberow Mount and Beckney Farm and it continues to near South Fambridge village. Length 1.18 kilometres (0.73 mile).

Footpath  11  (FP 11)   “Brenham Farm”   This path starts in Fambridge Road not far from All Saints Church, beside a pumping station, it crosses meadows making a short-cut to rejoin Fambridge Road beside Brenham Farm. Length 400 metres (435 yards).

Footpath  12  (FP 12)   “Longpole Reach”   This is a coastal path running on top of the sea wall alongside the tidal River Crouch along a stretch of the river called Longpole Reach. The path can be joined at South Fambridge via Bridleway 13 and it runs in both directions, east to Shortpole Reach at the Canewdon Parish boundary and west to Brandyhole Reach near Beckney Brook at the Hullbridge Parish boundary. This path provides beautiful views of a large tidal river, the boats sailing on it, the hills on the other side, the hills and woods in Ashingdon and Hockley and the enormous variety of marine, farming and meadow-land wildlife. Length 4.10 kilometres (2.55 miles).

Bridleway  13  (BR 13)   “Old Ferry House”   This is a bridleway starting from the Old Ferry House in South Fambridge to the River Crouch sea wall. with views of North Fambridge on the opposite side. There used to be a ferry boat service over the river from here for hundreds of years until the mid 1900s. Length 250 metres (275 yards).

Footpath  16  (FP 16)   “Red Lane”   This path starts at the beginning of the north fork of The Chase. This road used to be called Red Lane. The path goes uphill, then it continues straight ahead through a dense leafy “tunnel”, past the top of Trinity Wood Road, over a high meadow, the highest point in Ashingdon Parish, where it gives beautiful views of The River Crouch including Brandy Hole and South Fambridge, then it joins a lane which leads to Mount View and Highfield. The path runs down beside the steep lane to Greensward Lane. Length 950 metres (1030 yards).

Bridleway  17  (BR 17)   “The Common”   This path starts in Greensward Lane beside The Old Forge near Trinity Wood Road, it passes horse meadows with beautiful views of woods and horses, then it crosses a brook and runs beside a cottage and the old Common until it reaches the top of New Park Road which is Byway 23. Length 250 metres (270 yards).

Footpath  18  (FP 18)   “Nansen”   This path starts at the east end of Nansen Avenue and runs through to Golden Cross Road. The road was named after a Mr Nansen in Norway because donations from Norway in gratitude for Britain’s help during the war, enabled 22 houses to be built to house people who lost homes in the 1953 floods. Length 51 metres (55 yards).

Footpath  19  (FP 19)   “Glazebrook”   This path runs through the middle of a cornfield from Canewdon Road beside Glazebrook Farm, up a steep hill to woods beside St Andrew’s Church graveyard, from where, beautiful views of Canewdon and The River Crouch Valley can be seen. Length 215 metres (233 yards).

Bridleway  20  (BR 20)   “Magnolia Park”   This bridleway starts at Bridleway 43 and runs south through beautiful woods into Magnolia Park. Where the path crosses the Parish boundary, it becomes Hawkwell’s Bridleway 35. Length 35 metres (38 yards) in Ashingdon, then it continues as BR35 Hawkwell for 970 metres (1061 yards) to Magnolia Road.

Byway  21  (BY 21)   “Woodside”   This byway runs from Lower Road along New Park Road, then turns right along Cavendish Road, then right into Wellington Road, then left into Woodside Road, then right into Clarendon Road and it continues north up to Lower Road. It runs along beautiful rural unmade roads and green lanes beside Beckney Wood. Length 830 metres (900 yards).

Byway  22  (BY 22)   “Granville”   This byway runs through the western part of Woodside Road, the beautiful rural unmade green lane beside Beckney Wood, starting at its junction with Clarendon Road, then it turns into Granville Road and continues north up to Lower Road. Length 550 metres (595 yards).

Byway  23  (BY 23)   “New Park”   This byway runs along the unmade New Park Road from Cavendish Road southward to the end of the road where it turns right and where Bridleway 17 and Bridleway 24 start. Length 225 metres (244 yards).

Bridleway  24  (BR 24)   “Oakfield”   From its junction with Cavendish Road in a southerly direction to turn left and join New Park Road, Bridleway 23.

Bridleway  26  (BR 26)   This bridleway runs from Cavendish Road to Branksome Avenue.

Bridleway  27  (BR 27)   This bridleway runs from Cavendish Road to Beckney Avenue.

Bridleway  28  (BR 28)   This bridleway runs from Cavendish Road to Etheldore Avenue and Wood Avenue.

Bridleway  29  (BR 29)   This bridleway runs from Beckney Avenue to the junction of BR 28.

Bridleway  30  (BR 30)   This bridleway runs from Etheldore Avenue to the junction of BR 26.

Bridleway  31  (BR 31)   “Kangle Wood”   This bridleway runs from Greensward Lane beside the doctors surgery, along a green lane once called Blind Lane, it twists and turns, then it meets the end of White Hart Lane. The bridleway will turn south into White Hart Lane beside Kangle Wood and runs along that track. The end of Bridleway 31 will be where it passes the stile into Footpath 7 and the path becomes Bridleway 42 in Hawkwell and continues beside our Parish boundary for another 70 metres, past the steps and path into Chestnut Close in Ashingdon, until it meets Magnolia Road – Byway 39 on the left. BR 31 Length 740 metres (809 yards).

Bridleway 43  (BR 43)   “Boundary Path”   This bridleway is linked and aligned with Footpath 7 (Hawkwell). It is a rural, wooded and beautiful route from Rectory Avenue. It passes along or near the Parish boundary, past Boundary Wood, through woodland with vistas of meadows, past other footpaths, past Lincoln Road, then it passes a horse meadow, then it passes Durham Road, then it passes a field with geese and ducks. It passes FP 4, then it continues to join bridleway 31 at the culvert.